Tuesday, May 8, 2007

at sea


left the dock yesterday at about 4:20 pm. i had fun in phuket town, went out at
night and tried the local whiskey. i dont like whiskey, but i cant drink the
local beer. i wish i had spent more time learning thai, but asking how to say
things (like thank you korn-koon-cup for men, korn-koonku for women) is
apppreciated by locals. everybody likes a good joke (esp. when i am self
depracating; e.g. i played santa claus and a cowboy shooting guns in the hotel
lobby one night; they want me back for xmas)

taking ginger caps, so i am not sea sick, just a little quesy all over my body n
(prob jet lag more than anythying). the ocean color is the most blue i have ever
seen it.

very hot when there is no cloud in the sky. i seat at least a gallon two days

i already did some major boo-boos (mr clumso here). left some data back at the
lab. i am baby sitting the sattelite tracker because it does not work. we are
dl'ing 7X100 MB files. takes 10MB for 1 hr... i have selected our first core
site and chris adjusted it only a little. we should be there early tomorrow am.
cant wait.

just discussed the device i invented with the coring science crew salty's. we'll
see if it does not work. (if it works, we'll never know if we needed it. i
designed a shock absorber to absorb 30,000 #.

no pics for now. gotta go. love to all, as i should survive as today we got our
first education re: safety first and excape rafts



Sandy Patton said...

I am having trouble posting to blog... my firefox autofill goesinto a spin when I type in username... at least that is what happened last night!
Hope you can retrieve the left behind data somehow... 0r is that what you were scanning?
Hope your invention works!!!
Can't imagine the heat and humidity. We have record breaking heat..97 in Long Beach, CA.. Fires in Griffith Park... Hot and dry... going down tomorrow.
Matt says "Hi" and is enjoying reading your blog, too.
I am printing out and send ing to Grandma for mother's day.
Thank goodness you brought ginger... if sea sickness is indeed your problem.
Happy sailing!
Love, Mom

Sandy Patton said...

We can see the photos that the ship takes. I have printed some out. You guys are sure busy! Also can watch the movie in quick time.
I am going to figure out how to save some of the photos.
Nikki says that Chicken is doing fine. She caught a bird, so she is supplementing her diet. Everything ok in Arcata.
Love, Mom