Tuesday, May 31, 2016

The second core has been described, acquiring seismic data for site selection.

The official CASEIS Cruise Blog is located here: http://www.ipgp.fr/caseis This official blog is written by my shift-mate Lola Johannes.

We continued working on our two cores today! We are also acquiring seismic data.

  • Here are the core sections from our second core layed out prior to being imaged by the MST true color RGB scanner. The uppermost core (section I) is on the left and the lowest core section (section VI) is on the right. This core is 8.63 m in length. The top of the cores are on the far side of the table.
  • Here is Quentin #2 beginning to scan one of these core sections.
  • The previous shift had successfully completed splitting and describing the core sections from core #2. Our shift then collected U-Channel samples. These are 2 cm by 2 cm samples that run the entire length of the core. These samples will be used by a graduate student (Quentin #2) to analyze the paleomagnetic properties of these cores. These samples will be analyzed at Dr. St-Onge's paleomagnetometry lab. Here is Quentin #1 collecting a U-Channel sample from one of the sections of core CAS16-02PC.
  • Here is Quentin #2 cleaning the U-Channel so that we can place a lid on it.
  • Finally, we place special "magnetic-property-free" tape (like a birthday gift all wrapped up) on the ends of the U-Channel sample. Then we place these into a "D-Tube" to be shipped to Quebec.
  • Shortly after our shift began, the sun rose and we all took a few minutes to embrace the day with the beautiful view. Too many times we do not enjoy this and simply work through it. But today, we took this moment of beauty for ourselves.
  • Time for my second sleep (we have two 4 hour shifts) so that I can be well rested for tonight's shift. We will be acquiring two more cores tonight, so will be very busy in the core lab very soon. The cores will be located near the yellow and red dots to the northwest of the green dot labeled 1 in the map below.

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