Wednesday, May 25, 2011

leaving for Seattle in the morning.

in the morning, i leave for seattle, wa with my group from oregon
state university, college of oceanic and atmospheric sciences COAS,
active tectonics and seafloor mapping lab.

we will be mapping the sea floor topography (bathymetry) and
sub-surface (3.5 kHz CHIRP) off the coast of wa/or/ca/can. one goal is
to provide site information for the placement of ocean bottom
seismometers as part of the cascadia initiative. another goal is to
provide information for ocean observatories being designed in these
regions. an added benefit is that we will learn about vast areas that
have been previously unmapped to this detail. there are many
opportunities for discovery. my responsibilities will be to keep the
seismic equipment working and creating useful data.

look forward to regular posts, probably either stream-of-consciousness
or scientific in nature, or both. i will try to post maps of what we
are doing so you can all see what we are learning while at sea.

i also hope to rewrite a paper (on sumatra submarine
paleoseismology)and possibly begin a two new papers (on sumatra
submarine paleoseismology and terrestrial cascadia paleoseismology).

ill try to post on facebook when i update thus blog, but the internets
may occasionally be of limited bandwidth.

blessings, jay patton

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